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Interview with BME Magazine

After posting the crappy cell phone pictures of my implant procedure on my flickr photostream, I’ve been contacted by several people asking all kinds of questions. A reporter from bmezine.com (a body mod zine) asked for a formal interview (pdf).

The BME Zine interview (pdf)

There are some horrible misquotes in the article, like the part about me liking to look at nipple piercings (I said I like “the look of some nipple piercings”), but overall it was a good interview.

I did want to clarify I don’t have a Verichip implant. These are a specific RFID implant made by a company that puts their implants in the upper part of the arm only. The photo in the BME article that is linked to Verichip is not my implant, it’s some stock photo. I didn’t use a Verichip implant because those implants are proprietary and I didn’t want to bind myself to using their stuff. I also didn’t want to sign up for their mandated global verichip subscriber registry. And finally, their chips are coated with a special pourous anti-migration coating that is designed to let your flesh grow into and lock the chip in place, making it more or less permanent. Removal or replacement next to impossible without a lot of cutting and scar tissue.

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