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RFID implants shown to cause cancer, sort of

An AP article in the WA Post (and picked up by other outlets) today detailed concerns over cancerous cells found surrounding RFID implants in lab animals. I received an email about this months ago back in May from someone concerned about this very thing, and ended up posting about it on my RFID forum because I thought it was very interesting. In fact, I though it was so interesting, I sent the forum thread to several media outlets. I heard nothing… until now.

With the AP article out, some concerned people posted on my RFID forum about it, where I’ve had to reiterate my thoughts on the issue. I really just don’t see the glass or the operation of the implant to be the cause. I feel it’s more than likely that it’s the anti-migration coating on the pet and human implants that are causing the cancerous cells surrounding the implant site. The implants I’ve got and other DIY people that have followed in my footsteps have do not have this coating. I purposely did not get implants with this coating because I wanted to be sure I could remove/replace mine should the need arise. Now I’m just that much more satisfied I chose not to get an “FDA approved human” or pet implant which have this coating.

The bottom line here is that the glass is, for the most part, chemically inert. That’s why chemistry equipment uses glass… it just does not react with anything. The only other issue would be electromagnetic effects on tissue… however the implant is totally inactive both electronically and magnetically for 99.999% of the time it’s in your body. The only time it’s doing anything is when it’s being read by a reader, and the gauss rating of electromagnetic field generated by the reader to interact with the implant isn’t even as intense as the field coming from your cell phone… and that’s up against your head for minutes at a time. Reading a tag takes less than a millisecond, and total exposure time is about a second or two.

A commenter on the Engadget post actually has a cool head on his shoulders and had something interesting to say about it on his blog. Ultimately, I’m glad to see this come out because I really want to see more real scientific research done on the subject… not just because I have two implants, but because I want to see if I’m right about the cause.

So now let’s take a look at a quote from the AP article:

“The transponders were the cause of the tumors,” said Keith Johnson, a retired toxicologic pathologist, explaining in a phone interview the findings of a 1996 study he led at the Dow Chemical Co. in Midland, Mich.

That is a very “out of context” statement to make and to report… did this guy test the anti-migration coating alone? Did he test any transponders without this coating? I’ve not seen any studies that specified anything but “an implantable transponder”, but every glass-encased transponder I’ve ever seen that was rated for implantation DID have this coating… so I’d assume it’s safe to say that all the transponders this guy tested had this coating, and he most likely did not bother to remove this coating or test it separately BECAUSE every implant has this coating… aka no reason to test a non-coated transponder if no implantable transponders are sold without it. My point here is, the study conducted were to test implantable transponders, which were viewed as a single closed unit, when in fact it is a package of several separate things: transponder chip, antenna, glass encasement, and anti-migration coating.

Of course, the AP article doesn’t cite or provide a link to ANY of the studies referenced. The only links or references listed are for the FDA home page, the VeriChip corp home page, and an anti-chip site called (fittingly) antichips.com.

Hmm… I don’t want to be an SOB here, but I just checked out the anti-chip site and it’s got a “Cancer!” link… and after reading it, it references Katherine Albrecht and how her partner Liz McIntyre talk about being contacted by a dog owner who’s dog died from cancer. I wonder if they just caught wind of my post, or they were actually contacted by someone. I really think it’s too bad that overall, their important, rational, and intelligent work in raising awareness over RFID technology abuse has spiraled downward into absolute nut-job religious rhetoric over how “all implants are evil”. Their increasing religious slant toward irrationality has bothered me for a while, and with this latest cancer issue I felt it was time to say something about it. Who is now going to take up the task of rational, levelheaded whistle blowing of RFID tech abuse? Hopefully it won’t be someone with books to sell and a financial interest in fear mongering and whipping up FUD.

7 Responses to “RFID implants shown to cause cancer, sort of”

  1. Jean Rendon says:

    I am convinced I am losing my 10 yr old Border Collie because of this issue. I heard about this on the news tonight, will be contacting my Vet in the morning to have the implants removed from both my dog and cat. Mandy, my dog, was in perfect health. She had the implant placed on 9/12/2006. On June 12,2007 she was examined and surgery scheduled immediatly for removal of a mass i had discovered near the implant site. This was DX’d as Hemangiopericytoma. Mandy underwent a horrid surgery, followed by four weeks of intense Radiation Therapy and I am still finding lumps. I had the implantation done to protect my animals and now I learn I have most likely condemned my beloved dog to a horrid death. I will be spreading the word on this item and hope someone can force the manufacturing company to do a more comprehensive study!!!
    This is a horrible thing for anyone to go through and by no means inexpensive. Please do what you can to warn people about reconsidering having their pets implanted. Thank you

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  3. Maxima Arat says:

    I am victim of illegal RFID implant in toronto. The implant was masterminded by Florindo Volpi, my employer who I left in May 11, 2001. The implant was done at St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto. I was put to sleep. The implant caused me a life-threatening situation. Please help.

  4. Amal says:

    Hi there,

    A couple questions, if you don’t mind;

    1) have you had an x-ray to confirm the existance of an implant?

    2) what do you feel the purpose of this implant is?

  5. Maxima Arat says:

    Hi Amal,

    1. the mafia has been monitoring all my moves. medical reports are being manipulated. the first x-ray taken indicated a finding. one of the doctors who looked at the result of the subsequent x-ray informed me that i could use that as a court evidence, however, the mafia threatened the doctor.

    2. i am certain that i am not the only victim of the mafia’s crime. the only difference is that people were scared and passive to go public. they would like to prove that power is theirs. i was threatened that they will kill me and that i am finished. this is how they did their evil did.

    3. i am very much aware how this people operate.

  6. Maxima Arat says:

    Who do you think can I submit myself for an X-ray now? I had it done in Toronto then. The X-ray technician confirmed that there appeared to have something like fracture in my nose. I never had that before. The next thing was a different report. Everything has been manipulated.

    Hospitals have not been safe for me to go. The Italian Mafia used these places to harm me more. They had it done again at Foothills Hospital in Calgary in 2010. I was diagnosed to have appendectomy and claimed to have it removed. I was brought in the surgery room that was a bit dark. There were people wearing masked. And then I was put to sleep. This time, it’s in my stomach.

    Antonio Nicaso, an Italian author in Toronto and has website saying “Mobster Watch”, claimed that the Italian Mafia has linked with corrupt politicians and police officers. I so vouched for that. They have my phone line wiretapped and have my home and now my apartment bugged.

    I moved to Calgary in August 2010, hoping Volpi and his accomplice will set me free. Unfortunately, they did not. I do not know what Volpi hopes to accomplice with what he and his accomplice are doing.

    Volpi thinks that he get what he wants. Everything is being done for the so called power because of their connections. Volpi thinks that he is untouchable. He and his accomplice would continue to have that kind of belief for as long as there are people who they can use and manipulate. They draw power from these people.

    So many people have already been involved. It appeared that I have no escape from them.

    We have read media coverage about the Italian Mafia being killed by another Mob. Unfortunately, none has been reported about a civilian who they have targeted. I came forward but I have been slandered. Just as Roberto Saviano said…he can be slandered by the Italian Mafia.

    Roberto Saviano is in hiding with police protection. In my case, there appeared that I have no escape from them. I asked help from the police, I was threatened instead. These are the very people who wiretapped my phone, hacked my computer and bugged my places.

    The motive behind everything is to prove that they are the untouchables…that they are in power…that nobody can say no to them…that they get what they want…simply because people fear them…they obey them.,,,they get something in return of course.

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