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I take credit for that one…

I’m just over the two week mark and my shoulder is doing much better now, but my back muscles still cramp up about twice a day. Tonight though, I couldn’t sleep. Out of boredom I started looking around on the internet to see if I could find more places where people are ripping off my xray image and using it for their own purposes. The most fun to find are the end-times and government conspiracy videos.

In my search I found that a lot more sites are using my images without my consent. This really doesn’t bother me that much, because most of the time it’s just other blogs. Mostly I just ask for a credit or a trackback or link or something… but sometimes I find stuff that is commercial, like this one:


– update – I just found out that site was actually a school project… fooled me! /update

I also once saw a blog post that used my image to punctuate a story about tagging and tracking AIDs infected people in India… something I was not too happy about either. Without proper crediting, it looked like I was involved in the project!

verichipWell, one of the images I’m most proud of, is this one. It’s small, but still significant in my opinion. The reason it is significant to me is the fact that this image was created specifically to fight “the coming RFID implant ultimatum”, the evil VeriChip corporation, and I guess the antichrist too. The reason I take credit for this image is that it is a picture of a hand being implanted with a VeriChip. The only FDA approved location a VeriChip can be implanted is in the tricep area of the arm.

So what’s the difference? Firstly it shows that the DIY community and our personal use of this technology is being mixed in the minds with commercial and potentically goverment use of the technology. We are being targeted by loonies who think we are all working for the government or for satan or something.

Secondly, and this is where I take personal credit; Apparently I was the first person to consider all the options and settle on the area between the thumb and index finger for my glass encased RFID implant. The DIY community now considers the site between the thumb and finger “the standard” implant site for DIY implantation. But, the fact is that there is no real medical research to show that this site is more or less beneficial in terms of health and safety than the FDA approved arm implant site used by doctors performing VeriChip implantation procedures. After weighing several factors, I chose the TFIS (thumb/finger implant site) because:

1) The limited range of implanted tags required a site which was easy to maneuver to position the tag close to a reader. Somewhere in the hand was the obvious choice.

2) Several factors were considered to find an implant site located in the hand;

  • proximity to nerves – the incision/injection process must avoid severing nerves!
  • proximity to major blood vessels – avoid severing blood vessels during incision/injection, as well as avoid post migration issues that might cause complications
  • proximity to tendons/”moving parts” – avoiding inflammation/irritation issues due to location or migration of tag
  • proximity to hard material like bone and cartilage – avoiding crushing/cracking implant glass due to blunt forces pinching the tag between an external object and internal material

    The TFIS is ideal because, it avoids all major issues AND is a padded area that provides essential cushioning to absorb those rare blunt force events.

    Here is an image of a model hand to illustrate my point:


    The radial nerve is the red nerve tissue in the model, and that’s the one you need to be concerned with when it comes to implanting DIY RFID tags in the TFIS. As you can see, it closely follows the index finger, and wraps around to the underside of the thumb, leaving the area between void of major nerve bundles.

    The main thing anyone should ensure if they do get an implant put into the TFIS, is that the implant stays just under the dermis layer and IS NOT implanted/injected into the muscle tissue below the dermis layer.

    But anyway, back to what I was saying… that tiny little image just goes to show just how crazy, ill-informed, mixed up, and fear-mongering these loonies have become. It’s sad really, because some of them used their vigilance and message to serve a valid watchdog purpose… now it seems everything from that camp has consolidated and degraded into rabid, simple minded rabble rousing that more often than not only serves to put money into the figureheads’ pockets.

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